At ASCI, We take great care to ensure we remove all remnants of a Virus, Malware, Spyware, Adware and Ransomware. We also clean out all temp, cache, cookie folders. We carefully review you computers program list and remove commonly associated malicious programs and toolbars. We then go through the computers registry and program folders to ensure the remnants are removed there as well. We will repair the computers registry as well.

It is really important to understand that catching viruses early makes our job much easier and the damage to your computer much less likely. Rootkits and Trojans can easily take control of your computer functions and stop access to programs and the internet.

Be advised at times a computer might be to far damaged and non recoverable. Viruses associate with good software files and are sometime removed during the clean up process. These files could be essential Windows operating files needed to run the Windows operating systems or other essential programs on your computer. At this time it is suggested that all files be copied and scanned before being reloaded on a freshly formatted and reloaded computer.